Is Atom Bomb Baby in Fallout?

June 07, 2024

I began posting Atom Bomb Baby one chapter at a time on the fo76 subreddit as a creative outlet to help me when I was stuck writing my other project, Wyrmstone. Initially, it was just a travelog around the map, and I had no plans to expand it further. But as I continued writing, the story grew and developed into something more substantial. I even attempted to license the IP, but when that didn’t work out, I reimagined it into an original setting—Riders of the Stars.

However, if you squint and look at it just right, you can still see the connections between Fallout 76 and Arcadia in Riders of the Stars.

The story originally focused on Rainwood and why he returned to the area amidst a furor of treasure hunting (treasure hunting is a quest in the game). There is a holotape found in an empty train car near Mount Blair trainyard where a boy recorded himself talking about his love of trains, interrupted by his father. This snippet ignited my imagination, and I envisioned Rainwood as that father. What happened to his family? The boy? Why did he return?

That said, the future of Riders of the Stars does diverge as they go into space and beyond.

As time allows, I’ll keep adding posts and even a FAQ about all the places that correlate between the two stories.

Here is something to try and find if you play Fallout 76: Where is the Treehouse that Ashe and the others find midway through the story? This matches a location found in Fallout 76; I’ll post more about that later.

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